Regina League XP adds physical aspects to player training


The Regina Chapter of the XP League has added physical activity to its training programs for players.

The goal of the organization is to train players between the ages of five and 15 to become great players, with a non-traditional approach.

As a warm-up before the kids hit the computers, the league has teams that do sprint exercises, planks and stretches.

XP League said that most people think that video and computer games are all about mental stimulation and strength, but physical strength is also important.

“You have to make sure that you are in good physical and mental health,” said Blake Zanidean, league commissioner. “By using that physical aspect, you get this mental stimulation which I think is really important for kids. “

Zanidean added that physical exercise is also a great way to increase hand-eye coordination, communication skills, and teamwork.

Some of the kids who spoke to CTV called it an important and useful way to prepare for play marathons.

“I’m warming up a bit so my fingers don’t sleep or whatever,” said Julien Trombley, 11.

Nine-year-old Liam Riemer said: “For the players this is what people have to do because if they sit all the time it is not good for their body”.

Zanidean said Esports and the training approach taken by XP League would be similar to any team sport like soccer, hockey or soccer.

“Traditional sports might not always be every kid’s selling point, so this is a great way to incorporate the same skills they would get from traditional sports, while doing something they love. Zanidean added.

The Regina XP League Chapter hopes that adding the physical element to play training will encourage more families to view eSports as a team sport and not just a way for kids to spend more. time in front of their computer screens.

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Richard V. Johnson