Roy Jones Jr reveals he is set to coach Anthony Joshua for his comeback after AJ says he intends to be ‘a free spirit’ and not be tied down to just one coach


Roy Jones Jr told he has spoken to Anthony Joshua and is set to train him on a trial in the near future.

The American boxing legend and former pound-for-pound king is now a respected trainer.


For the past two years, Chris Eubank Jr has been trained by Roy Jones Jr

Most famously, Jones Jr worked with Chris Eubank Jr for his recent fights.

It seems to have taken of Joshua eye, given that he and Eubank Jr are good friends.

AJ’s coaching situation is now up in the air.

The former world heavyweight champion has parted ways with longtime trainer Rob McCracken after his first loss to Oleksandr Usyk.

He worked with Robert Garcia for Usyk’s rematch, but explained following the second loss that he no longer intended to bind himself to a single manager.

Joshua said Sports News last week: “As for Robert Garcia, I respect him a lot.

Joshua prepares for his comeback


Joshua prepares for his comeback

“He’s a really good man, a really good coach. Will I work with him again?

“Yes I would, but what I said to Robert and the team as well is that I want to be a free spirit.

“You know, I locked myself away for 11 years with one coach, and now I just feel like I want to learn as much as I can…

“I feel like I’m in a position where I can work with anyone. So yeah, who knows what will happen next year.

At his best, Jones Jr was one of the greatest boxers of all time


At his best, Jones Jr was one of the greatest boxers of all time

Asked about his thoughts on Joshua’s training situation, Jones Jr told “He’s not [looking to tie himself down]he is not.

“He came to talk to me too, so I’ll be one of those who talk to him and we’ll see what happens.

“We talked the other day, so we’ll talk. He’s gonna come to the gym and see what we’re doing.

“If it works well, that will be it. If not, he can go on and find a better coach.

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