Samsung Electro-Mechanics will supply key components for Apple M2 in 2022


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Samsung Electro-Mechanics is expected to participate in the Apple Silicon M2 manufacturing process with a production release beginning before the end of 2022.

The process that Samsung Electro-Mechanics is expected to develop is called flip chip ball grid array or FC-BGA. It is a semiconductor substrate that connects the chip to the main substrate.

According Computer news in Korea, the company would develop the manufacturing process by the end of 2022 and start supplying the FC-BGA substrates for the M2. Samsung Electro-Mechanics is said to already supply the substrates for the M1 processor, and has been doing so since 2020.

Industry insiders suggest that Samsung Electro-Mechanics’ continued involvement in the manufacturing process is due to its quality of output. That despite other vendors investing heavily in the process, their performance is not meeting Apple’s expectations.

A spokesperson for Samsung Electro-Mechanics could not confirm Apple as the customer. However, the company is number one in market share for the manufacture of the semiconductor substrate.

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Richard V. Johnson