SanoPass offers health and instant cashback benefits to Visa cardholders

Consumers who have a Visa card issued in Romania and enroll it in the SanoPass app will receive an instant 10% refund, via the Visa Direct service, for all card transactions made through the platform until April 30, 2023.

Visa cardholders will also be able to access free fitness services from the SanoPass partner network, as well as telemedicine consultations and investigations, for one month after registering their card in the application.

San Pass is a med-tech platform that unifies and digitizes access to health and sport, in more than 1,000 private clinics, local clinics and large networks, and more than 150 sports halls. SanoPass gives access to more than 11,000 doctors, guaranteeing appointments with national coverage in a maximum of 48 hours. Through its national network of partners, SanoPass provides medical and fitness services to 50,000 subscribers and 30,000 active users.

“In the next 6 weeks, users of the platform, as well as other patients or clients of SanoPass partners, will find SanoPass QRs in a new format in the reception halls of clinics, personalized with information related to this campaign. We cater to anyone who walks into a partner clinic or gym and has a Visa card, offering them a simpler and more efficient payment-by-app alternative to cash. We are also introducing a novelty in terms of the cashback offer, which is granted instantly through the Visa Direct service,” said Filip Andrei, director of the medical and fitness network Romania and Moldova at SanoPass. “We want to democratize access to healthcare and encourage active living through digitalization, and the SanoPass platform is now bringing this goal closer to millions of Visa cardholders in Romania.”

“Through the partnership with SanoPass, we are extending the benefits available on Visa cards in an area that is extremely important in today’s environment, namely medical services, through a transparent, simple and instant mechanism for rewarding customers through the Visa Direct platform. . We are confident that the new benefit will be enthusiastically received by customers, who are increasingly paying more attention not only to how they pay, but also how they are rewarded,” said Elena Ungureanu, Visa Country Manager, Romania.

The SanoPass network includes medical centers such as Sanador, Emerald, Sante Clinic, Synevo, Affidea – Hiperdia, Arcadia, Medstar, Pelican Hospital and others, while partner gyms include StayFit, 700 FIT, Sweat, Neby Fitness, Fit9 by Alma , Bodybible, Endorphins, etc…

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Richard V. Johnson