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Whether you like to combine brisk walking with weight lifting, are virtual boot camp junkies, or all focus on calming post-run yoga stretches, mixing and matching exercise disciplines is often the key to getting the most out of your fitness program. This approach is known as cross-training, defined by the American Exercise Council (ACE) as an exercise program that uses multiple types of training to improve overall health and fitness.

The advantages of the training modality are numerous. Besides avoiding boredom because you are always mixing, cross training, especially when combined with low impact aerobic exercise, may also reduce the risk of injury or overuse of a specific muscle or joint, depending on the Mayo Clinic.

And taking your burn outdoors has its benefits too. A review in the journal Environmental health perspectives has listed over a dozen benefits associated with being outdoors, both for your mind (reduced stress, better sleep, better mental health, greater happiness) and your body (reduced obesity, reduction of Diabetes, improved pain control – even better vision). It really is because all of your senses are immersed in wellness mode at the same time.

One way to bring all these elements together? Following this quick and challenging 20-minute outdoor workout of Marie Onyango, an Equinox instructor and a top trainer in New York. (Related: Shape Studio: preparatory HIIT session)

A quick note on outdoor workout safety before you begin: with warmer temperatures, hydration is crucial. Also, be sure to wear lightweight, breathable fabrics that will allow your sweat to evaporate. Even in overcast winter weather, add SPF to all exposed body parts, because sun protection is necessary all year round, whatever the weather.

And be sure to throw sneakers that protect, support, cushion and stabilize your foot when it comes into contact with the ground.

What will happen in your 20 minutes Form Cross training bodybuilding routine in studio

For the above workout you will need plenty of room to move around and a bench or similar solid structure raised a few feet off the ground. Otherwise, you can always tackle the strength training exercises of the floor routine.

Expect to dive into some multi-purpose compound movements that will stimulate all of your major muscle groups at once. Some of the sculpting and sweat-feeding exercises you’ll cover include knee push-ups, side step-ups, jackknife holds, and tricep dips. (Related: This home triceps workout with weights will create super strong arms)

If all of this sounds intimidating to you, rest assured that you will have plenty of room to breathe. Onyango features nine exercises in total, which you will only do for 45 seconds before recovering 15 seconds before moving on to the next movement. Then, at the end of the exercise circuit, you will have a full minute of rest before repeating the circuit once more for a total of two laps.

As Onyango notes, training the whole body is fast – and it’s great.

Plus, freeing yourself from any specific gear or stationary gear (sorry, spin bikes – we still love you!) This ensures that not only will your strength and endurance improve, but your body’s balance as well.

By requiring nothing more than a clutter-free outdoor space and your body, the routine is a wonderful lesson in an important takeaway from the Onyango: “You can do anything with just about anything. ” (Related: Shape Studio: Sports-Inspired HIIT Workout)

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