Some of the activities you can do at Warrington Youth Zone

TODAY, Saturday, marks the long-awaited opening of the new £7.05million Warrington Youth Zone.

The establishment, in project for 14 years, finally opens its doors today to the young people of the commune.

Speaking about the opening, general manager Dave McNicholl previously told the Warrington Guardian: “The most important thing for us is that people recognize this as the youth zone of Warrington.

“So it’s all about all the organizations that work with children and young people being able to come here and have access to amazing facilities.

“This is the network’s 14th youth zone across the country and it gives Warrington residents access to some of the fantastic facilities available to young people across the country.”

There is plenty to do in the youth zone which has been described as a ‘world buffet’ due to the amount of things on offer.

But we thought we’d pick seven of the most exciting activities you can take part in at Dallam Lane.

The charity’s facility includes a fully accessible rock climbing wall.

It has 13 strings and an overhang.

The music room has various instruments with which young people can practice.

Qualified staff will be on hand to assist you.

A recording studio is also on site.

Warrington Guardian:

Perhaps a highlight for many, Warrington Youth Zone has a rooftop 4G football pitch.

Warrington Guardian:

The gym is a hub of activity.

Up to four different activities can take place in this room at once – with a trampoline, bungee strap and basketball hoop available.

Hockey, dodgeball, cricket and various other sports will also be available.

Warrington Guardian:

The learning kitchen includes household appliances and accessible sinks and stoves – meaning youngsters can learn to cook.

It also has a dining table that allows young people to discover and enjoy a family dining environment.

Warrington Guardian:

With many different pieces of equipment, there is something for everyone at the gym.

Warrington Guardian:

There is a boxing and mixed martial arts hall.

Towels and gloves will be provided and fitness sessions will be held here.

According to Dave, this room offers the discipline of boxing in a relaxed space.

Warrington Guardian:

A membership will cost just £5 a year or alternatively entry will cost 50p per visit and the facility is aimed at young people between the ages of seven and 16 – and up to 25 for those with additional needs.

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Richard V. Johnson