St. George welcomes a new indoor golf-specific training facility for all ages: what you need to know


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Get excited for St. George’s newest golf experience opening November 1st.

The tee box is an all-in-one golf facility that offers simulated practice drills in Trackman-powered hitting bays, a full practice green, weight facilities and youth development programs.

This is not your average golf lounge. At Tee Box, everything you need to learn and improve is at your fingertips. It’s time to give your golf game the attention it needs off the course so you can improve on the course, and the colder winter months are the perfect time to do it.

The Tee Box experience

The Tee Box is more than just a unique simulation experience. It’s the perfect place for everyone, from the avid golfer to the youngster who wants to learn and develop their game.

Tee Box uses Trackman technology, which is a highly accurate and advanced virtual golf system used by professionals. Customers can play an entire virtual course (think the iconic courses at Pebble Beach and Royal St. Andrews) and train like the pros in custom simulated training programs with 35 different data points on every swing.

Golf isn’t just for adults at the Tee Box. They specialize in youth training and development, accommodation TBX Golf Academy to develop the next generation of high school, college and professional level players.

Additionally, you can also find strength training, nutrition counseling, and group fitness at the Tee Box. Tee Box offers a dedicated strength/fitness area with golf-focused strength training programs to follow, helping you hit the ball further, improve your balance, avoid injury and more.

St. George welcomes a new indoor golf-specific training facility for all ages: what you need to know

Benefits of Membership

Individual Memberships and Corporate Memberships offer many benefits.

The Unlimited Tee Box Membership is for the whole family. Want to improve your golf game? To increase your strength and fitness? To get access to the brand new Big Shots at Sun River and select green grass courses? This membership lets you do it all, with 24/7 keycard access to punching bays, strength training, and custom scheduled workouts. Members also get priority golf bay scheduling and early access to clinics and tournaments.

Corporate memberships are also available, with the aforementioned perks plus advanced group bookings, personalized group workouts, and facility access for corporate events.

The Tee Box hosts monthly member tournaments and clinics where you put your newly developed skills to the test. While one-to-one lessons and one-on-one fitness workouts are faster, the Tee Box has partnered with PGA Professionals and Certified Fitness Trainers to offer personalized classes/workouts designed for your individual needs.

New member pre-registrations (the first 50 registrations) will receive a personalized Tee Box bag.

Pre-register now

The tee box in St. George is scheduled to open Nov. 1 and has a limited number of memberships available. Memberships will be sold on a first-come, first-served basis, so pre-register here to guarantee your spot! You can also follow The Tee Box on instagram to stay up to date with the latest offers.

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