St Martin’s School Mental Health Activities

St Martin’s life guidance teachers, Ms. Barlett and Mr. Venter, have developed a program to educate teens about mental health for the Mental Health Walk.

Some of these activities included Mirrorless Mondays where students were encouraged to see themselves as more than just their outward image. Friday fitness sessions were held and consisted of short 30-minute workouts where students and staff participated in the sporting activity of their choice.

Exercise helps improve mental health by reducing a person’s stress hormone levels and increasing happiness or well-being hormone levels. Exercise and team sports help raise low self-esteem and reduce social withdrawal.

Students and staff could choose to run with their hearts, tackle their emotions, play ball, do yoga, dance, and weigh your ride.

A guest speaker, Rayanna Hassim, an educational psychologist, addressed students at an assembly and helped secondary school students become aware of their stress triggers and gave advice on how to overcome these triggers through self-regulation.

The final activity of the Walk for Mental Health was Art for the Heart where various stations were set up on campus for students to sing for their souls, play the happy djembe, do heart art, create a conscious mosaic and return to their inner child.

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Richard V. Johnson