Summer activities to entertain seniors on holiday

Take a fishing charter. Casting a rod from a dock or pier is perfectly fine, but securing a spot on a fishing charter is a great way to spend hours on the water enjoying the scenery and the sport of fishing. Plus, there’s the added benefit of enjoying the fruits of your labor by cooking the day’s catch for dinner once you get home.

Be a tourist. Many towns and villages have their own tourist offices and feature interesting sites that have historical significance or appeal to other interests. Be a tourist for the day – even in an area familiar to you. Hop aboard a tram or sightseeing bus to see the city like a stranger.

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Spend time swimming. Swimming is a low impact activity that can work the body in different ways. Spend some time swimming a few lengths in the pool. Or make a day of going to a lake or other body of water to wade in and enjoy a few shots in nature. Respect the bathing areas supervised by lifeguards for optimal safety.

Maintain a garden. Gardening is an excellent form of light exercise that can produce rewarding results. If you don’t have a garden or enough space to have one at home, many neighborhoods have community gardens where you can secure a plot.

Visit a fair or farmer’s market. The warm months are a peak time for outdoor activities, including various community fairs and farmers’ markets. Chances are you’ll find a farmer’s market nearby most days of the week, but especially on weekends. A town market or state fair is a great way to get out and about, gamble, or enjoy shows.

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Richard V. Johnson