Take a peek inside the Tom’s York training and coaching studio

A brand new private personal training and nutritional coaching studio has opened in York – for people of all ages and abilities.

The new private TS Personal Training and Nutrition studio, based at Technology House at Lawrence Street in the city, is designed for people who may be intimidated by commercial gyms with a lot of people. The team created two completely private areas with ample space for users to train with a professional coach by their side.

Tom Storr, a York-born local boy who started the new studio at the age of 28, said: “It’s amazing to have opened my own studio at that age. Having lived in York all my time. life, I feel blessed to have created this unique studio studio in such an amazing city. ”

Tom said he aimed to empower everyone to be the “best version of themselves”.

“I wanted to create this space so that the people of York can have the best chance to reach their full potential as a person both physically and mentally. With my many years of experience and my excellent feedback, I want to continue to working with the people of York to help them live more comfortably and feel better about themselves in a fun and friendly space, ”he added.

The “excellent” team of health and fitness professionals work with people of all ages and abilities to develop their physiological and psychological health through fun exercise – as well as to improve their lifestyles.

The team specializes in fat loss and body toning, advanced nutritional coaching, improving the health and fitness of people aged 65 and over, and improving mental health and wellbeing. -to be.

“We welcome all ages and abilities to our studio, as our mission is to get as many people as possible into a good level of fitness and a healthy lifestyle – our oldest client is 87 years old” Tom continued.

The studio received five-star reviews on Google – and Tom said the group pride themselves on the attention and care they give to clients and their goals.

Tom said: “It is our greatest satisfaction to have changed people’s lives for the better.”

Five years ago, Tom, then a young personal trainer, created the company ‘Feel Young Fitness’, aimed at people over 60. He would drive to his clients’ homes, helping them achieve their health and fitness goals by turning their front rooms into mini-gyms.

Speaking at the time, Tom said: “My goal is to make people active and lead healthier lives while enjoying physical fitness,” which is still present in his new private studio today.

For more details on TS Private Studio, visit the website at: https://bit.ly/3Ding2I

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Richard V. Johnson