The advantages of TRX suspension trainers


TRX Straps are a suspension training tool with unique versatility and fitness benefits that range from improving balance and core strength to increasing muscle strength and shape. cardiovascular. They are lightweight, portable, and can be used anywhere from a gym to your favorite park to your own bedroom.

That said, between the bright yellow straps and dangling black handles, a TRX trainer can look like quite an intimidating contraption to those who have never been shown the ropes, so to speak. However, one of the best things about training with the TRX suspension trainers is that it is actually perfect for everyone, regardless of your level of fitness, as the intensity of each exercise can. be fully modulated to meet your capabilities. Therefore, if you’ve looked at the seemingly confusing straps in your gym with suspicion – or even dread – or if you’re looking for some new versatile exercise equipment for your home gym, keep reading for your “informal introduction.” , formal ”at TRX Suspension Training, and consider trying this fun and effective training tool.

What is the TRX?

TRX grips

TRX, which stands for Ttotal-body Rresistance eXercise, is a physical training tool that uses sturdy straps with handles for suspension training. By attaching the straps to a hanging anchor, you can pull, push, and perform three-dimensional exercises, working against gravity using your body weight as a lever or form of resistance. TRX can create an all-in-one gym anywhere you put it without the need for dumbbells or weights.

What are the advantages of TRX?

Man doing TRX lines.

TRX training can be fun and very effective, with many benefits.

TRX suspension training is suitable for any level of fitness.

By changing the angle of your body, you can instantly change the load or difficulty of an exercise on the TRX, making it a suitable training tool for beginners and fit athletes.

TRX exercises improve core strength.

Because you need to stabilize your body in three dimensions, TRX straps require more core activation than traditional strength training, adding a level of functional training to each exercise.

TRX training can increase muscle strength and size.

Due to the need to stabilize your body in three dimensions, muscle activation using a TRX or other suspension training system is higher than with traditional resistance training, according to research. This makes it a very effective and efficient form of physical training. One of the downsides to bodyweight training is that it isn’t necessarily conducive to hypertrophy, which means it can be difficult to build lean body mass. While you can increase muscle strength and endurance with bodyweight exercises, there is a limit to your ability to put on more muscle or gain more “size” because the load is capped at your own. body weight. This is where TRX can shine. Studies have found that not only are TRX users able to increase their strength after a TRX training program, but they can also increase lean body mass, a reflection of muscle mass, even though suspension training relies solely on body weight rather than external loads. Another to study compared the fitness benefits of suspension training versus traditional 12-week resistance training in untrained seniors, finding that suspension training resulted in similar improvements in muscle mass, strength and functional performance compared to traditional resistance training.

TRX can improve body composition and markers of health.

TRX chest press

ACE Fitness studied cardiovascular and metabolic responses to an eight-week TRX suspension training program in a controlled study with healthy participants. TRX training resulted in significant decreases in waist circumference, body fat percentage, and blood pressure, along with significant increases in 1-RM leg press, 1-RM bench press, and curl tests. -up and push-up.

The TRX is a low impact workout.

TRX suspension training is ideal for people with joint pain because it is a very low impact form of exercise. Thus, the forces on the bones and joints are reduced and the risk of injury is minimal.

TRX adds variety to your training program.

One of the best things about exercising is the fact that there are so many training modalities to choose from, so almost always finding a type of workout that suits your mood, your goals. training, preferences and logistics needs. Plus, by incorporating several types of training modalities into your workout routine, you help ensure that your program is well balanced for maximum efficiency and improvements in fitness. TRX straps are a great way to add variety to your workout and present your body with different training challenges and stimuli.

What kinds of exercises can you do with a TRX?

TRX straps can be used to create full body workouts with movements ranging from hanging rows to single-leg lunges. TRX even created its own training platform with memberships for on-demand and live workouts, you can stream from your home. Workouts are tailored for different fitness levels and goals, allowing you to find exactly what you are looking for.

Top TRX Products

Shop some of our favorite TRX products below.

TRX All-in-one suspension trainer set

TRX all-in-one suspension trainer set.

The All-In-One Home Gym set includes the suspension trainer, wall bracket, indoor and outdoor anchors, exercise bands, and a workout guide. This is a great kit due to the versatility of the anchor points and the bands are a good bonus.

TRX Home2 System

TRX Home2 System

The TRX Home2 system comes with TRX suspension straps, door anchor and suspension anchor. There is also a small mesh carry bag.


Man using the TRX bandit set.

TRX Bandit Kit is a set of strength bands with specific weight ranges to help you precisely dial in the difficulty of your workout. Kit includes 5-15lb blue stripe, 15-30lb green stripe, 25-50lb yellow stripe, and 35-70lb orange stripe. There is a universally adjustable ergonomic handle that attaches to one or more resistance bands to give you a comfortable, fully customizable and effective resistance tool. Pair the TRX Bandit Kit with your suspension system for unparalleled flexibility and versatility in your workout design.

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