The class offers weight training sessions for seniors


HOLTON, Kan. (WIBW) – A new bodybuilding program for older adults was at Holton to build strength in members of the older generation.

The Kansas State University The Meadowlark District of Research and Extension launched a series of strength-training classes for seniors called “Stay Strong Stay Healthy” in August. The class was developed by the University of Missouri and was adopted by K-State.

Extension worker and class leader Teresa Hatfield says it’s important to keep everyone moving.

“As we get older, even from our twenties and thirties, we start to lose muscle mass, so as we get older, we have to try to do things to maintain it, so a lot of people think that older people don’t don’t need to do weight training, they actually do it,” Hatfield said.

Additionally, Hartfield said he noticed improvements in some of his former participants.

“I’ve taken this class over the years and I would say everyone in my class is improving in one way or another,” according to Hatfield. “I’ve even heard from some participants that their bone density has improved, so that’s a big bonus.”

The Meadowlark Extension District is in three Kansas counties; Jackson, Jefferson and Nemaha, but if you’d like to see a class come to your area, Hatfield said she’d love to help.

“If you’re interested in a strength class, we can probably do something in the future,” Hatfield said. “The Meadowlark Expansion District includes Jackson, Jefferson and Nemaha counties. I would be happy to work with community partners to bring this to your area.

For more information and to consult the schedule of training courses, click on HERE.

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Richard V. Johnson