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Performing complex tasks in fast-paced, highly regulated organizations requires precision and close attention to detail. Errors can not only take time, but also be costly to correct.

In this hands-on course, you’ll learn what influences the likelihood of errors and how to develop practical skills to overcome natural obstacles to accuracy. The course will help you improve your attention to detail by using some essential attention planning and improvement techniques. The program is very participatory, combining presentation of theory, sharing of experiences and individual and collective exercises.

Main benefits of participating:

  • Master techniques to improve accuracy and attention to detail in daily work

  • Understanding the Psychology of Attention and Accuracy

  • Learn how to improve attention span and accuracy

  • Discuss how to improve focus and concentration to improve performance

Main topics covered:

Improve accuracy and attention

  • Understand the impact of faults and errors

  • Discussion of common errors and what influences the likelihood of errors occurring

  • Basic Factors That Influence Our Attention Span

  • Sharing examples of common mistakes and techniques to help stay focused

Brief overview of the psychology of attention

  • Review different theories of attention to maximize your focus

  • capacity theory

  • The mental bottleneck theory (filter)

  • Selective attention

  • Analyze personality traits and styles that influence the way we work and the type of mistakes we make

  • The Myth of Multitasking

  • Diagnosis to assess attention to detail

Techniques, tips and tools to help reduce work errors

  • Discuss and practice techniques to improve accuracy and reduce errors

  • Improve proofreading and errors in transcription and verification of numbers

  • How to develop a range of skills and approaches to improve accuracy levels – maximizing your performance and focus

  • Exercises to improve attention fitness – train to improve attention span using games/brain training

Action plan

  • Identification of your personal strengths and points to improve following the course

  • How you will apply them in the workplace

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