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The announcements took up much of the evening as Brookport City Council met on October 12.

The Brookport Fire Department will be hosting a fish fry this Saturday, October 23, as well as a concert. Food will start to be served at 5:00 p.m. The concert at 6 p.m. The funds will go towards the purchase of equipment for the department, such as gloves.

The Bridge Inn will also sponsor a toy race this Saturday, October 23. Motorcycles will be in town to drop off toys to benefit Shop-with-a-Cop.

The Halloween party will take place on Saturday, October 30 from 5 to 9 in the city. Before that, the Parks and Recreation committee will be hosting a pumpkin carving for kids on Thursday, October 28, and a hay walk with spooky stories on Friday, October 29. All events will take place at the park at 5 p.m.

The Brookport Library will also be grilling hot dogs on Friday, October 29 from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. at the library. Free treats and books will be offered.

The library will take orders for Lucille’s desserts or stuffing for pickup on November 17th. Call Lucille Shannon to place your order.

A chili dinner is scheduled for November 20 at Harry Statham Gymnasium from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. by the Parks and Recreation Committee.

After the announcements, council approved bill payment in the amount of $ 83,984.61, largely insurance.

Financial reports were submitted by Alison Boyt for $ 214,489.49 in general fund and $ 225,000.81 in fuel tax. City Clerk Lori Klotz raised $ 185,801.55 for the month of September.

Paul Driver said the fall cleanup dumpster is located behind City Hall. Residents must put items in the dumpster, but hazardous materials will not be accepted such as batteries, paint, or devices containing Freon.

Donnie Henson said the water tower is being filled for testing and is expected to be online this week.

Fire Chief Bill Copley said all trucks passed pump tests.

When Brookport receives its American Rescue Plan Act grant next year, the council approved the South Five Regional Planning District and Development Commission for quarterly reports and correspondence for $ 2,000.

Several approvals have been made, including replacing the dump truck’s fuel pump for $ 1,500 and one to repair the gray Dodge’s radiator, which can be used by firefighters to transport medical supplies. Since the department does not transport people, it would be economical to use the car rather than the EMS truck.

The credit order was amended to add $ 22,000 to the pay line, transfer funds from the community center to park expenses, and use the fuel tax for further Telescan study.

Dalton Ellis has been approved to become a regular employee instead of being a temporary employee. It was reported that he had an exemplary work record.

Authorization was given to approve the request for compensation from contractor # 15 for $ 250,546.04 from the water project subsidy and observation bill # 15 for $ 2,966.85 .

Approval for payment of the Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunities grant for the pole barn has been approved. There has been no activity on the barn for a month and Council would like to know the expenses in the claims of $ 36,156.60 for the barn and $ 2,877.25 for engineering services.

The Hummer received from the LESO program several years ago will be sold as is without a title. The steering pump needs to be repaired. The minimum bid will be $ 4000. Submissions will be read at the November 16 board meeting. The money will go to the police.

Mayor Rance Phillips briefed council and attendees on the status of several issues:

• The city is still awaiting state approval on the list of homes submitted for the Strong Community Grant before the next step of obtaining landlord approval.

• After the frost forced the snakes to hibernate, a group volunteered to help clear the flood wall.

• Mowing of the flood wall resumed after repairing the tractor.

• The river bank and the piles of dirt at the pound continue to be cleared.

• The painting of the water tower is finished.

• The Dollar Store is expected to lead the way in January.

• And, the concession stand at the old ball field has been insulated and shelves installed.

Phillips is happy with the progress.

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