Vi Training Gym personal training studio to open in Eton


A new Eton-based gym is opening its doors to the public for the first time this weekend.

Vi Training Gym, located in the former Barclays Bank on Eton High Street, opens its doors to provide personal training for people of all abilities.

Co-owner Abigail Hardy has been a personal trainer in London for over 11 years and teamed up with former client Sam Beer for the opening at Eton.

Swamp Watcher:

“I am delighted with the openness and bringing strength training to Eton,” said Abigail.

“I want to show people how strength training can help them.”

As a small-group personal training studio, the gym will offer classroom sessions for up to six people at a time.

The gym said it will ensure there is enough equipment that customers don’t need to share throughout their sessions.

The site of the former bank will also include a café-bar promising “exceptional” coffee to visitors.

Abigail said she thinks gyms are often “intimidating” and there aren’t always people available to show new gym goers the ropes.

“Vi Training Gym is for both men and women and at all levels, so if people have never lifted weights before, never been to a gym, have no idea of what all the equipment is, we are especially welcoming to people who have never been to the gym before.

“I know a lot of people are scared or worried about certain things.

“We want to show people the way and show people how getting stronger is better for you, both mentally and physically.”

Abigail hopes the gym will create a community and allow people to see how strength training is accessible to them.

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While the gym will focus on group sessions, personal trainers will strive to tailor workouts to individuals, adapting exercises to ensure clients are comfortable.

Abigail said there is no one size fits all, so exercises can be modified to ensure it works for the client.

The gym opens this Saturday and Sunday from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. for its first open days with a plan to begin gym initiations the following week.

Vi Training Gym is also currently looking for personal trainers to join the team.

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