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The service road style trail is easily accessible from the east end of Linley Valley Rd., but can also be reached from several trails in the surrounding residential area.

While the winding path is just over half a mile from the summit, the middle section is quite steep and will test a range of physical abilities.

The summit of Cottle Hill sits approximately 260 meters above sea level, offering quality views of the city and ocean atop a rocky cliff, surrounded by many attractive arbutus trees.

I prefer trail specific shoes for the route, due to lots of loose rocks and off-trail travel hazards, but quality running shoes are sufficient.

I hiked the trail twice on the morning of Friday August 19th in the middle of a thunderstorm. I was a bit scared by the constant roaring thunder and potential lightning so didn’t stay as long as planned.

Hiking, running or biking in the Linley Valley area offers plenty of options for people to enjoy the outdoors at their own pace. Well-defined trails (although unsigned) connect the Cottle Hill communication site to Lost Lake and Linley Valley Cottle Lake Park to the east.

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