Wahoo Speedplay Aero review – components – bike

The Speedplay are back… well, they never really disappeared, they now carry the Wahoo brand, which has simplified the range. Upgrades include triple sealed bearings, an outer steel float and adjustable on all models. The USPs that made Speedplay so popular with triathletes such as Jan Frodeno remain, including a super low stack, adjustable 0-15 ° float, low weight (224g per pair), and claimed watts savings on trims. Aero, with a dimpled underside.

Installation takes a bit of work, with four bolts, a skid plate and a rubber wedge cover. You can adjust the limit screws to change your float (how much your feet can move when clipped in), and the rubber cover makes the walk less comical than other road crampons. It took a more definitive kick to engage the Speedplays compared to the Look and Shimano road pedal systems, with the smaller surface taking some getting used to. If you want less resistance when clipping, an easy tension cleat can be purchased separately.

The driving experience is excellent, with a super smooth and natural floating feel. The low stack allows you to feel more connected and able to transfer as much power as possible through the pedals. So, are they worth it? If you appreciate marginal aerodynamic gains and low weight, and are picky about pedal float, then the Eros represents better value than something like the similarly priced DuraAce pedals from Shimano. If you don’t, they won’t justify the expense and extra tweaks.

Verdict: expensive, but worth it for those who appreciate a more personalized fit 79%

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Richard V. Johnson