Watch a ‘Regular Gym Bro’ get crushed while training with Stefi Cohen


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Bodybuilder and vlogger Does Tennyson tried all sorts of fitness and nutrition challenges on her YouTube channel, from Jennifer Lopez’s broken heart Hustlers pole dance routineat Arnold Schwarzenegger’s diet and training. In his most recent video, Tennyson is joined in person by Steve Cohenthe competitive weightlifter has become a professional boxer with a staggering 25 world records to her name, and recklessly challenges her to a game of HORSE.

If you’ve spent any time on Fitness YouTube, you know the rules of the game: Participants take turns choosing exercises, and the person who fails first gets a letter. When they have entered five letters, ie enough to spell “horse”, they lose. Tennyson ups the ante and says the loser will be forced to wear a horse mask and take a punch from the winner – a bold addition, considering Cohen’s mastery in the ring.

They start by seeing who can perform the most jumps on a jump rope in 30 seconds. Tennyson can only start 63, but in the third round, reaches 99. Cohen, however, accumulates 112, which means Tennyson takes the first “H”. Then there are the max pull-ups, and Cohen does 20 reps in good form before stepping off the bar, though she says she’s usually able to get 26. Tennyson is ahead of her on this round, with 21.

They follow this with max rep squats, push ups, boxing drills and test their endurance with speed bags. Of course, you know where this is all heading. Cohen emerges triumphant from the HORSE contest, and Tennyson bravely dons the mask to accept his forfeit. You can watch him take the hit like a champ (with all the contest) in the video above.

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