What Man Utd players said about training Ten Hag – ‘Intense’

Manchester United manager Erik ten Hag during training at Rajamangala National Stadium, Bangkok, Thailand – July 11, 2022. Credit: PA Images

Although it is only the beginning of his tenure at Manchester United, Erik ten Hag has already made a strong impression on his players.

Ten Hag puts players to work hard in training and also oversaw two pre-season friendlies as United beat Liverpool 4-0 and then recorded a 4-1 win over Melbourne Victory.

We’ve taken a look at what United players have said about his training sessions and coaching style.

David de Gea

– “The manager knows 100% what he wants,” De Gea told club media. “He knows how he wants to play.

“He gives a lot of information to the team, tries to give details and to have rules inside and outside the pitch, I think that’s what we need and also to know what we need to do on the pitch and play as a team.”

“I think the whole team is working very hard,” he added. “These are very intense sessions with the manager, he knows very clearly what he wants for the team and there is a lot of information at the start, as I said, but over time here [on tour] we’re getting the right messages so I think that’s great.

“It’s a very intense training and everyone is focused on the football and I feel like I’ve seen big, big things.”

Tom Heaton

“The new manager has arrived and he’s been brilliant to be fair,” Heaton told United View.

“He’s been really good; new structure, new ideas, new intensity; he has a very clear idea of ​​what he wants to do with it, and the boys got into it.

“They’ve had to pick up their pace physically, they have a much more structured idea of ​​how they want to play, and he’s made it difficult. We’re all in this together, and it’s been brilliant so far.

Victor Lindeloff

– “It was great, obviously a lot of hard work and a lot of difficult sessions. But that’s how it should be in a pre-season to improve the level of fitness,” Lindelof recently told Sky Sports.

“The training sessions were really good, [Ten Hag] demands a lot of us and expects us to perform at a high level. It was great.

“We want to play good football – we also want to have the ball and attack. We worked a lot on different things in training

“Obviously he knows how he wants to play with the ball and without the ball, so of course we worked on a lot of different things in those two weeks.”

– “It’s been absolutely fantastic under the new boss since he arrived,” he told the Daly Mail. “The level of training has really improved. I think he’s very good at paying attention to detail – his requests and what he wants from us.

“If something is wrong in an exercise, he can stop and explain it to us again and that’s a very good thing for us.

“The first week was a little different from this week. This week has been a bit more intense with different types of races and matches. I don’t mind, it should be like that. He is demanding, but it should be like that in a club like this.

Harry Maguire

“It was hard. It’s been a tough race, but we’re really looking forward to the season,” Maguire said. “Erik and his coaching staff bring their ideas, and the first two games you saw little glimpses of the principles.

“We’re working to be ready for that first Premier League game, that’s what matters. All we’re doing now is building for that first game.

Raphael Varane

“We know exactly how we want to play,” Varane told Sky Sports. “The manager explained very well what we have to do and it’s absolutely clear. So we know we have to be very fit because it’s a very physical way to play.

Luke Shaw

– “It’s clear that he’s a top, top manager. He has a structure to play the way he wants us to play,” Shaw said. “We haven’t had that for quite a while, and it was clear to see last season, which was hugely disappointing.

“We have to bounce back [from last season] and he worked extremely hard for us, but I think we need him.

– “I think he obviously knows what the team needs and has his own style of management, but I think all the players have taken that on board and really appreciate him,” Shaw said at MUTV.

“It is very practical and takes a lot of sessions; he gets involved a lot. You’ve seen that if people aren’t achieving the standards he wants in coaching, he’ll make sure they know about it and I think that’s good because it keeps the standards high.

“It’s a good thing. But, as I said, there is still a lot to come from us and this is just the beginning.


– “It’s really important for us to have a strong coach who has the last word on our side,” said Fred. “It gives us security and helps us a lot.

“He is very thorough in his work, he has his own details. All the daily details. It is really good for our daily work. Everyone on the pitch has to give their all to help the team.

– “We really hope he can do a great job here and are fully behind him,” he added. “We’re looking to accomplish a lot of things, big things, and I’m sure we’ll get there.

“He’s an excellent coach. The training is good, intense. We aim to put what he says into our daily training. I hope we can win things in the future.

Fred for Manchester United during the Premier League match at Carrow Road, Norwich.  Saturday 11 December 2021. Credit: PA Images

Fred for Manchester United during the Premier League match at Carrow Road, Norwich. Saturday 11 December 2021. Credit: PA Images

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Scott McTominay

“Everyone is so happy with the new coach in terms of detail and attention to the work we are doing, and everyone is so fit now,” he told MUTV. “And we can get fitter, I can get fit, the whole team can, which is obviously a plus for the future as well.”

– “We’ve had a tough pre-season, but this has been some of the toughest,” McTominay said. “It’s a combination. It’s putting miles on your legs and getting people used to the work we want to do.

“There are a lot of different ideas and variations. He [Ten Hag] is very clear in meetings about what he wants us to do and how he wants to approach the games. It is important that we heed this message.

Donny van de Beek

“I worked three years with him in total, so now it’s a few years ago, but I also see a lot of things we did at Ajax, I like the training stuff,” he said. he said on United’s official website. “So, yes, I already know a lot.”

Zidane Iqbal

“The manager is amazing,” he told Stretford Paddock’s YouTube channel. “Giving us different tactics off the ball, on the ball.

“He has an idea. It’s obviously early, I think we’re in the third week of pre-season, but we kind of have an idea of ​​what we need to do.

Zidane Iqbal of Manchester United during training, Rajamangala National Stadium, Bangkok, Thailand - July 11, 2022 Credit: PA Images

Zidane Iqbal of Manchester United during training, Rajamangala National Stadium, Bangkok, Thailand – July 11, 2022 Credit: PA Images

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Bruno Fernandes

“It’s been pretty intense,” Fernandes said. “He [Ten Hag] likes intense training, the reactions when you lose the ball. He likes everyone to run. He was really good.

“Everyone benefits [it], obviously. Everyone is really tired at the end of training, but that’s what we have to do.

Fernandes added: “We have to be like this at the end of training but you know training was really good. Like I said we have to work hard because if we do it now we will be fit for the start of the season.”

Marcus Rashford

– “I think for me it’s just new ideas, new tactics and a new personality that has been added to the team,” Rasford told MUTV. “I look forward to working with him [Ten Hag].

“It’s been tough, but we all enjoyed the training sessions and we mix them up as well. We don’t just do football and running, we do a bit of both, so it’s fun and it’s fun. is a good sign for the future.

“He is very detailed on the grass and even in the rules of each game. Like I said everything is fresh and when something is fresh it’s good for the mind and good for the body so we all look forward to working with him and hopefully we will continue to improve .

– “I think the first two weeks, two and a half weeks of training have been good; we have improved a lot and are in much better shape than we were last season,” he said. “I know we still make mistakes along the way, but we have a lot of room for improvement.”

Anthony Elanga

“The new manager has arrived, so we have to accept his details and this new philosophy of play and his style of management, so yes, we all really buy into it. We’re taking it session by session and it’s been really good,” Elanga said.

“It’s not just him, it’s Mitch [van der Gaag] and Steve [McClaren] as well.

“And they’re all trying to help us as a team, not just as individuals, going into the details, like how we play from the back and how we play in the final third as well, because that’s all the information we have to take in. and I think so far we’re doing very well.

“From the start he just brought good energy and the team bonded. We all enjoyed every game, the sessions, it’s about taking it step by step. We’re all looking forward to the season, but first we have the pre-season.

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